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  • 2018-12-04
  1. Appearance:

    -- The labels on spools meet the shipping requirements

    -- Spool without breakage, edge without scratching and burrs

    -- Enameled wire with uniform color and smooth surface


  2. Dimensions

    The measurement of the dimensions shall be measured with an instrument with an accuracy of 1/1000 mm. Take 100 cm from each spool as sample to measure the diameter of the sample as a test point。

    -- Tolerance of conductor size,

    -- Minimum film thickness

    -- Maximum diameter


    3。 Electrical property

    -- Electrical resistance

     1/ The resistance of 100 cm winding wire (temperature)


    -- voltage breakdown

    1/ Testing method as round baton when the diameter is under 0。100mm。

    2/ Testing method as intertwining when the diameter is over 0。100mm。


  3. mechanical property

    -- Elongation: The ratio of the final length and initial.



    -- Resilience: The testing angle of trial conductor is under appropriate standard

    1/ Enameled wire should have a certain flexibility

    2/ Different diameter hanging different weight, in different diameter reel winding 5.5 laps

    3/ Remove the weight, copper rebound, leaning on the lotus sensor

    4/ Instrument rotation, when the coil release stress, the copper wire again after the lotus, the instrument stops rotating, showing the rebound angle reading


    -- film elasticity: checking if the coating crack after continuously wind 10 cycles on tested product。


    -- Jerk test: checking if coating crack or loss adhesion by speed of 2 m/s.


    -- peel test: scratching coating layer,winding enough rolls,checking conductor’s adhesion.


    -- Unidirectional scrape paint test: increasing pressure until conductor leaked out , to know bearable maximum pressure.

    Objective: Make the enameled film coating adhesion quantized

      Method: 1/ Select the corresponding weight according to the diameter。

    2/ Enter the weight of the weight.

    3/ Start the instrument, direct reading.


    -- friction factor test

  4. Thermal property

    -- thermal shock: After winding or stretching the enameled wire according to the regulations, observe whether the paint film is cracked at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.


    -- softening breakdown: Two enameled wire samples intersect perpendicularly, checking bearable ability at the intersection under a specified load and specified temperature.

    1/ High temperature conditions: 220 ℃

    2/ Force conditions: 0.25 ~ 70N adjustable

    3/ Time: 30mins


  5. Chemical property

    -- solvent resistance: (without picture of instrument)

    1/ The hardness of the 2H pencil is used to indicate the solvent-treated enameled wire.

    -- straight welding: It is expressed by the time that immersing the sample in the solder bath to remove the paint film and plate the tin layer.


    7. Special Enameled Wires Test Items

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